About Us



The rich cultural heritage of India has birthed many forms of creativity in different regions; most notably the culinary arts. Because of India's cultural diversity, each regional cuisine is unique in flavour, technique and ingredients. Thus was born Tawa Tales – with the aim to create a collection of selected recipes from around the country to appeal to the palate of Delhi.

The tawa has a very special relationship with several Indian cuisines – from the heavenly paranthas of Amritsar to the staple dosas of Chennai and the spicy rolls of Kolkata. Each cuisine used the tawa to create recipes that are just right for the region and its residents. At Tawa Tales, we have worked with top chefs from each region to create a zestful menu that lets you explore the rich flavour stories of different regional kitchens right at your doorstep.

The Approach


At Tawa Tales, we want that each time you place an order with us, we're able to deliver quality, authenticity and love in each dish. For this, we ensure that:

  • We source our ingredients from the best vendors across the country
  • Our menu and recipes are created by top chefs for utmost authenticity
  • We conduct regular food checks to maintain our quality
  • Our kitchens are hygienic and maintain highest standards of food safety
  • We use only the best spill-free containers for your ease and comfort

If you feel that we've fallen short of your expectations in any way, please email us at eat@tawatales.com and we'll sort it out right away.